JON Video – Installation

In the following video, we will install and configure JBoss Operations Network 3.0.1 with PostgreSQL. While we will not cover the installation of PostgreSQL, we will cover the creation of a login role and database using pgAdmin (link).


JON Videos

  • JON Video – Installation
  • JON Video – Application Server Provisioning (link)

JON Site

Installation Steps

  1. Start the database server.
  2. Create a login role (rhqadmin / rhqadmin) and database (rhq).
  3. Download and extract the server installation.
  4. Edit the JON server script to set the JAVA_HOME variable.
    gedit ./bin/
  5. Start the JON server.
    ./bin/ start
  6. Finish the installation (http://localhost:7080) with the default values.
  7. Log in (rhqadmin / rhqadmin).
  8. Download the agent (Administration / Downloads).
  9. Install the agent.
    java -jar ./rhq-enterprise-agent-4.2.0.JON.3.0.1.GA.jar –install
  10. Start the agent.
  11. Import the platform (Inventory / Discovery Queue).
  12. Done.
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One Comment on “JON Video – Installation”

  1. james Says:

    Very useful and straightforward guide.

    I would also recommend enabling NTPD so that all your clocks are in sync on the server and remote agents. Have forgotten this before and wondered why no metrics have appeared!


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