Best Practices – Migrating from Spring to Java EE 6

April 10, 2012

Developer Topics, Java EE

Presented by Ray Ploski, Director of Developer Programs & Strategy at Red Hat, at the Japan JBoss User Group (JJBug).


  • Addresses Java EE misconceptions.
  • Includes a capability comparison.
  • Provides a detailed migration path.
  • Notes Spring / CDI integration.
  • Covers the entire DAO layer.
  • Mentions CDI ‘Alternative’ and JPA testing with Arqullian.

About the authors

Bert Ertman Fellow at Luminis and board member for the NLJUG. A Sun/Oracle recognized Java Champion. @BertErtman

Paul Bakker Software Engineer at Luminis Technologies. JBoss Forge contributor. @pbakker


About Shane K Johnson

Technical Marketing Manager, Red Hat Inc.

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3 Comments on “Best Practices – Migrating from Spring to Java EE 6”

  1. grgrzybek Says:

    Page 14 is unfair. Please add: “security”, “batch processing”, “integration (EIP)”, “big data”, “social”, “.NET”, “mobile”, “web flow”.
    also in “messaging”, spring-core has built-in, type-safe support for message producers and consumers and there’s Spring AMQP.

    please clarify unless you want to stay biased.

    Grzegorz Grzybek


    • Shane K Johnson Says:

      I assume you are referring to slide 17, ‘CAPABILITY COMPARISON’.

      I am not sure how it is unfair or why it would remain bias without clarification. It is a comparison of core capabilities.

      Did you notice that the comparison did not include every Java EE 6 capability?


      • grgrzybek Says:

        Sorry, yes – I meant page 17.
        I wouldn’t say it is unfair if you haven’t written what you’ve written on page 19 (rm -rf SPRING*). You haven’t stated you’re talking about core capabilities.

        Grzegorz Grzybek

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