JON Video – Application Server Provisioning

In the following video we will create a JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 5 cluster by deploying two instances to my platform with JON.


JON Videos

  • JON Video – Installation (link)
  • JON Video – Application Server Provisioning

JON Site

JBoss EAP 5 Recipe

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<project name="eap5-bundle" default="main" 

   <!-- bundle definition -->
   <rhq:bundle name="eap5" version="5.1.2" description="JBoss EAP 5">
      <!-- properties -->
      <rhq:input-property name="profile" description="Profile" 
            required="true" defaultValue="all" type="string">
      <rhq:input-property name="binding.set" description="Binding Set"    
            required="true" defaultValue="ports-default" type="string">
      <rhq:input-property name="" description="Server Peer ID" 
            required="true" defaultValue="0" type="integer">
      <!-- archive -->
      <rhq:deployment-unit name="eap5" postinstallTarget="run">
         <rhq:archive name="" exploded="true">
         <rhq:file name="" 

   <target name="main"></target>

   <!-- start the server -->
   <target name="run">
      <property name="eap.dir" value="${rhq.deploy.dir}/jboss-eap-5.1">
      <chmod file="${eap.dir}/jboss-as/bin/" perm="+x"></chmod>
      <exec executable="${eap.dir}/jboss-as/bin/" spawn="true">
         <arg line="-c ${profile} 

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