Data Grid Performance Factors

April 16, 2013

Data Grid

The technical white paper that I wrote on JBoss Data Grid performance factors is now available for download.

It details the performance impact of configuration options in three basic configurations: distributed (XA) transactions, local (auto-commit) transactions, and no transactions.

Distributed (XA) Transactions

  • Locking: Pessimistic v Optimistic
  • Transaction Recovery: Enabled v Disabled
  • JTA Synchronization

In addition, it compares the performance impact of the above configuration options in the following use cases:

  • Multiple Writes (1 to 5) per Transaction
  • Multiple Reads & Writes (20%-80% Writes) per Transaction

Local (Auto-Commit) Transactions

  • Locking: Pessimistic v Optimistic
  • Commit Protocol: One-Phase Commit (1PC) v Two-Phase Commit (2PC)

No Transactions

  • Communication: Synchronous v Asynchronous
  • Number of Owners: 1 v 2
  • Return Values: Previous v None

Finally, the technical white paper concludes with some performance data on scaling and it includes an appendix with all of the raw performance test data.

JBoss Data Grid Performance Factors (link)


The download is available only to those with active JDG subscriptions. It will be available to everyone else via a contact form soon.

Now Available to Everyone (link)

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