Java EE or Spring Framework – Rule #3

I came across a Java EE / Spring Framework post on DZone the other day.

It wasn’t the first, and it won’t be the last.

I want to get in the ring, but first we need some rules.

Rule #3 – Use of the Terms “Lightweight” & “Heavyweight”

Neither Java EE nor Spring Framework can be described as (light|heavy)weight.

Java EE is no longer heavyweight.
Spring Framework is no longer lightweight.

Java EE Web Profile includes 15 technologies.
Spring Framework includes 17 components.

The JBoss EAP 6.1 distribution archive is 115.5 MB.
The Spring Framework 3.2.3 distribution + dependencies archive is 105.6 MB.

Spring Framework 3.2.3 + Tomcat 7.0.43 = 114.1 MB

That does not include Spring Data GemFire (2.5 MB) for Hibernate second level caching, Spring Security (17.8 MB) for authentication, Spring Web Services (3.4 MB), or any other Spring project.

Food for Thought

Spring Framework 4.0.0 contains 743,000 lines of code.
JBoss AS 7.1.0 contains 677,000 lines of code.


JBoss AS, now WildFly, is the foundation for JBoss EAP.

Feel free to suggest a rule via comments or Twitter (@jboss_tm).

LCD or Plasma

Plasma. Panasonic. However, I would have loved a Pioneer Elite.

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4 Comments on “Java EE or Spring Framework – Rule #3”

  1. Randy B Says:

    I never liked the “size of the jars” heavyweight vs. lightweight definition. Who gives a crap what size the jars are? To me it boils down to how much work do I have to do to utilize the technology. If Spring or JEE is less work then that’s what is lighter weight to me, the developer.


    • David (@trumpetxx) Says:

      Traditionally, the “lightweight” comparison came from JBoss (etc) taking 3 minutes to start up vs. 20 seconds for a Tomcat (etc) container.


      • Shane K Johnson Says:

        In that case, that is reason #2 to not use the term ‘heavyweight’ to describe Java EE as JBoss AS 7 / JBoss EAP 6 starts up in a matter of seconds if not less than a second.

        AS 7 Startup Time Showdown (link)

    • Shane K Johnson Says:

      That’s a great point. However, ‘work’ can be subjective.


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