It’s Friday, It’s Sci-Fi: Issue #2

July 19, 2013

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I’ve watched a lot of science fiction films, but I’ve read far more science fiction books.

There are, perhaps, over a hundred books in my library. I would never buy a science fiction book in an electronic format. It’s just not right.

I’m a fan of space opera, hard science fiction, and cyperpunk (William Gibson).

Today, I present of list of epic science fiction series that are in my library.

Isaac Asimov – The Foundation Novels

A classic series.

Ian Bank – The Culture Novels

Thanks for the recommendation Brandon.

Greg Bear

The Forge of God & Anvil of Stars

Orson Scott Card – Ender’s Saga & Shadow Saga

My brother recommended the Shadow Saga after reading Ender’s Shadow.

Peter F. Hamilton – The Commonwealth Saga & The Void Trilogy

Did I mention that I like hard science fiction?

Anne McCaffrey


Jack McDevitt – The Alex Benedict Novels & The Academy Novels

One of my favorite authors.

I have Firebird on deck, and I realized this morning that my copy of Polaris is signed.

Frederick Pohl – The Heechee Saga

Alastair Reynolds – Revelation Space

Another one of my favorite authors. Chasm City turned me on to space opera.

I’m reading Blue Remembered Earth right now.

John Varley -The Gaean Trilogy & Thunder and Lightning

Just plain fun.

Sten, if you’re reading this, I still have your copy of Snow Crash. I am willing to negotiate for its safe return.


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4 Comments on “It’s Friday, It’s Sci-Fi: Issue #2”

  1. Colin Mackay Says:

    I was all set to leave a ‘You must drop what you’re doing right now and …’ post, but I see Banks, Reynolds and Hamilton are already in there… Well played …

    Have you tried Charles Stross, John Scalzi, James Corey or Paolo Bacigalupi? … I’m just reading my first Bacigalupi right now, upon recommendation, so far so good!


    • Shane K Johnson Says:

      I have Glasshouse by Charles Stross, but I never finished it. I must have got sidetracked. Perhaps I should revisit it. I’m not familiar with the authors you mentioned. I’ll have to check them out. Thanks for the recommendations!


      • Colin Mackay Says:

        I’d suggest starting with Singularity Sky and then Iron Sunrise. Glasshouse is good, but they are better. Old Mans War by Scalzi is great and Corey is a new(isn) discovery for me; a little rough round the edges occasionally, but fantastic space opera (actually a pseudonym for 2 collaborating authors, just a mere google away if i could be bothered).

  2. Solerman Kaplon Says:

    Foundation Series is one of my all-time favorites. Wish I could find the translated books in Portuguese, could only read the English version in text format


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