JBoss Portal Integration with FirstSpirit CMS

August 5, 2013

Content Management, Portal

e-Spirit, developer of the Java-based FirstSpirit content management system and a Red Hat partner, is in the process of rolling out an integration of FirstSpirit with JBoss Portal Platform 6. This integration offers functionality similar to existing e-Spirit offerings for SAP NetWeaver Portal, IBM WebSphere Portal, SharePoint and Liferay.

Due to its open and extensible system architecture, FirstSpirit provides straightforward mechanisms for integrating editorial content into the different portal servers it supports, including JBoss. Content editors and administrators can manage Web content and portal components from the same environment. The goal is to make life easy for casual users while creating a single platform for content and portal-based applications.

With the addition of a robust CMS, users can upload content, images, videos and other assets using drag-and-drop processes completely on their own. Content editors do not need to know HTML or XML, and no coding is required. All types of content are managed through a single workspace, and the FirstSpirit software takes care of permissions, versioning, history, and archiving. New content and layouts can be created from corporate templates and then customized to accommodate local, regional and national needs. As shown below, this combination will let you pull together content and applications on the same page to give Web users a consistent and more enjoyable experience.


To learn more about this integration, as well as to get a preview of what’s coming in JBoss Portal 6.1, be sure to tune-in to a webinar taking place at 2 p.m. Eastern on Aug 8 that will feature Divya Mehra from Red Hat and Robert Bredlau from e-Spirit. It will include a hands-on demo of the integration in action and offer plenty of options for Q&A. To register, please go to: http://www.e-spirit.com/jbosswebinar

This post is a partner contribution. As such, I am not the author. I am the publisher. If you are a partner and you are interested in contributing a post, please message me via JBoss Technical Marketing (jboss_tm).


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