The potential of Red Hat JBoss xPaaS services for OpenShift

September 24, 2013


Red Hat has just announced its strategy for JBoss xPaaS services for OpenShift, the industry’s first unified offering that brings a comprehensive set of enterprise services into a single PaaS environment.

In 2011, Red Hat launched OpenShift, which forever changed the way developers wrote, delivered and deployed applications in the Cloud. Now with JBoss xPaaS services for OpenShift, Red Hat makes a huge leap into how enterprises will use PaaS services in the future. PaaS is no longer just about basic application container services. It’s about a broader suite of specialized, high value services.

JBoss xPaaS services for OpenShift are intended for organizations that run mission- and business-critical enterprise applications which are distributed across disparate infrastructures; integrate complex processes and data sources; and optimize those applications for desktops and mobile. They will provide a comprehensive, open hybrid cloud foundation to fulfill requirements from mobile clients, legacy, on premise and SaaS integration, and process orchestration.

Red Hat established a leadership position in Cloud application platforms and PaaS when it launched OpenShift in 2011. The OpenShift PaaS portfolio includes OpenShift Online, a public hosted PaaS service, and OpenShift Enterprise, an on-premise private PaaS platform, both of which are built on OpenShift Origin, the leading open source PaaS project. OpenShift allows developers to quickly build, launch and host innovative applications in the cloud. The PaaS architecture of OpenShift automates the provisioning, management and scaling of applications so that the developers can focus on writing the code for these applications for their business, startup, or next big idea. A choice of programming languages including Java, Ruby, PHP, Node.js, Python and Perl and a complete set of developer tools are available within OpenShift to increase developer productivity and accelerate application delivery.  Not to mention OpenShift’s support of Java EE 6 with JBoss EAP that made the transition of enterprise, mission critical applications to the cloud almost seamless. Always open, enabling enlightened innovation in your development efforts and your organization.

I see a number of benefits in Red Hat’s next step in PaaS with JBoss xPaaS services for OpenShift. To start with, you will find in a single, open cloud, all the services to meet your modern middleware needs from the hand of the Red Hat JBoss Middleware family of software products, that help accelerate application development, simplify integration, enable automation of business processes and extend all those benefits out to mobile devices.

But xPaaS is not only about applications, it is about services.

Let’s say your application requires some workflow or rules functionality. Maybe you don’t want to invest in writing a new workflow or rules engine into your application. With JBoss xPaaS services for OpenShift you just pick and choose what you want and use it as a service provided to your application from the Cloud. Presto. In a few minutes your app has workflow or rules.

Or say you are a virtual telco operator that needs to improve customer response time, since your support team has to manually access different applications. With JBoss xPaaS services you’ll be able to model your customer support processes in the Cloud. As you develop and deploy your new business process, you can integrate and orchestrate on premise and cloud applications your support team uses every day. The process services can integrate your on premise ticketing application with your cloud-based CRM (SalesForce, Dynamics, you name it…) and with your private cloud provisioning system that connects to your customers’ telecommunications hardware, and orchestrate all those interactions, while reporting to your ERP for invoicing when needed and reports in real time with advanced dashboard services. Furthermore imagine that you need to escalate issues to a manager who is traveling. They can receive a notification on their mobile device that they have a task to complete in the process.

This optimized business process, built on an integrated set of applications, services and data, strengthens business execution and results.

Only Red Hat can provide the combination of enterprise-grade PaaS middleware and hybrid cloud infrastructure that enterprise’s modern application needs, and leverage community-powered innovation and an open source development model, so you can re-use and scale your investments, improve your applications and take full advantage of your applications and the Cloud.

The opportunities are endless! Stay tuned for further announcements when all the services get built into JBoss xPaaS services!

BTW, you may want to check these URLs for additional information:

Web page for JBoss xPaaS services for OpenShift:

To attend Paul Cormier’s webinar of Sept. 24th, or view a recording later:


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