Job Opening: Middleware Data Specialist

September 25, 2013

Data Grid, Data Services Platform

Red Hat is looking for a middleware specialist in distributed data and data virtualization / federation to join the sales team. To be more specific, Red Hat is looking for someone with hands-on experience with Infinispan (JBoss Data Grid) and / or Teiid (JBoss Data Services Platform). In addition, knowledge and hands-on experience with competitive and complimentary products (e.g. NoSQL / big data platforms) is welcome.

This middleware specialist will be responsible for collaborating with customers to deliver proof of concepts and state of the art solution architecture. Being a customer facing role, a background in consulting or sales engineering is expected. Being a technical role, relevant knowledge and hands-on experience is expected.

This middleware specialist will collaborate with product management, product marketing, and engineering. Contributions to documentation (e.g. whitepaper) and development (e.g. bug fix / request for enhancement) are expected.

This job opening is available via LinkedIn (link), and it is open to anyone in North America with access to an airport.

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